Beauty Refined

I Define Me!

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. It is so much more than just makeup and fashion. The theme of my blog is “Beauty Refined”. To refine means to remove any impurities. So, the first step is to ask yourself, what is impure about me? The answer to that question is simple…NOTHING! The Bible says, God saw everything He made and it was good–Genesis 1:31. Beauty is first realizing where you come from. How can you as an individual be presented in your purest form? What makes us beautiful is our flaws. Flaws are uniquely identifiable to each individual person. Instead of hiding your flaws, locate them! Discover what it is that makes you who you are and EMBRACE it.

No makeup 

We all have ways that we display beauty. Is it our hair? Our makeup? Our clothes? Our friends? All are perfectly fine, but we cannot be co-dependent on it. If you strip all those things away will you be less beautiful? No! All things mentioned above is simply offered to enhance what and who you already are. I try to focus on all of those things, but I am most notorious for my makeup. As mentioned, I plan to start a makeup line. Because of that passion, I have decided to do a few makeup reviews!

One of the best gifts I received from my friends is my Smashbox lipsticks! I absolutely love Smashbox. It  is very smooth, rich in color, and flattering. The color I wore is called Inspiration. I choose colors based on vibrancy in its proper season. What is your goal when you wear makeup?

My Goals:

  1. Simply enhance what I have (eyes, cheekbones, lips, eyelashes, eyebrows, etc.)
  2. Inspire others
  3. Be creative and innovative

Lipstick: Smashbox “Inspiration”


Lip liner: NYX Suède Matte Lip Liner “Club Hopper” to line and NYX Suède Matte Lip Liner “Aria” to fill in my lips for lasting color throughout the day

To figure out which makeup best fits you, make a mental note of what your goal is when you put on makeup. Having these simple goals can help you not get so caught up in dressing up your face. Now some might say it’s not that big of a deal. I, however, disagree. Living in this social media-driven world, I see that many people are consumed with their outward appearance. Their measuring stick is how many likes attained on social media. Likes come and go but beauty is forever… unless you disagree.

What is your measuring stick?

I am beautiful because God says I am beautiful! 


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  1. Beleria Fulks says:

    I really liked this post! So true makeup is just the enhancer but real beauty we already have! Can’t wait for the next post!

    Liked by 1 person

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